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What I Do

in progress

I've been having a think lately about what I do. Not just what is the nature of the work that I perform, but what do I bring to that work which is special in some fashion. This is a rather annoying form of navel gazing, but if one …

The Synthetic Web

This was originally posted on my tumblr back in late 2009, I've moved it here because it remains relevant. I've made minor corrections and adjustments.

In a thread on the TiddlyWeb Google group, I stated:

My opinion is that stuff, i.e. information, should be addressable and reusable. That's my …

Anarchic Emergent Collaboration

Here's some more of a continuing exploration of the politics of collaboration.

I find it helpful to distinguish between two dimensions of collaboration: Emergent versus Imposed and Loose versus Tight. There are presumably many more.

Emergent collaboration comes about in response to a discovered need that is shared amongst a …

Knowledge Access

This is an edit of an email posted to the Bootstrap Association Unfinished Revolution mailing list. That list was for discussing how the ideas originally produced by Doug Engelbart and his team fit in with modern concepts of information processing and collaboration. This was written in 2002. There is an …

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