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every thing turn or learn

Imported from an old blog.

Heidegger has come up quite often in my own personal ramblings about the nature of work, collaboration, and information and knowledge representation. A few days ago, Aldo posted some information about the foundations of the Language Action Perspective (social constructionism, Heidegger, the notion of breakdowns …

Classification v Categorization

Imported from an old blog.

When I was in school I took an Information Architecture class that required a readings journal. Some of those entries deserve revision.

I was, at the time, especially in the difference, similarities and interrelationships between classification and categorization. What follows began life as Studer: Classification …

Should Regret

Imported from an old blog.

When I was younger, my friends, lovers and associates would pride themselves with statements similar to "I have no regrets" or "If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change anything". I was suspicious of that feeling then and know it to …

I won't be your father figure

Imported from an old blog.

If I recall correctly, Lacanian psychoanalysis posits a moment in youth when the child looks out to the world and seeks an individual or entity that provides the gateway to interaction with the external world. This individual or entity plants the seeds of language that …

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