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Feedback is Leadership

Imported from an old blog.

Morning rambling. Take with drugs. Your milage may vary.

Feedback, in some fundamental way, is at the core of a successfully collaborating system. This was the fundamental insight of Wiener and his cybernetics. Whatever else we may think about what it has to say about …

Wiener, Grammar, Action and Me

Imported from an old blog.

I've been reading a biography of Norbert Wiener. The title is the ominous Dark Hero of the Information Age. I'm not that far in but it's been quite interesting thus far, despite the sometimes stilted writing.

When he was ten (c. 1904) he wrote his …

Dimensions in Group Communication Media

Imported from an old blog.

Anyone who has ever used a combination of email, phone, meetings and other media to communicate in a small group has experienced at least one moment where they've thought, "this would be going much better if we were having this conversation using X".

While the …

Fridge as Philosophy of Everything: A Manifesto

Imported from an old blog.

Someday I'll rewrite this so it makes more sense.


If you lose track in the ramble below, here's the summary: Architect your hardware, your software and your life so your environment helps you out and you don't have to waste your brain deciding on …

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