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Placement Extraction

This is a followup to Placement Container Playground

Since its inception there's been a plan that the OpenStack Placement service will be extracted from the nova code repository into a repository of its own. There are a variety of reasons for this, including:

  • Nova is already huge.

  • It could ...

Placement Container Playground

I've been experimenting with the OpenStack placement service in a container recently. This is a part of exploratory research to see what will be involved in doing one or both of the following:

  • Making a lightweight, but working, install of the placement service that includes as few imports and ...

Gabbi Tempest Experiment 1

One of the nice features that's been built into gabbi from near the start is a command line runner that allows gabbi tests to be run against a running web service. Given args.yaml:

- name: check args
  GET: /get?foo=bar
      $ bar

You can do ...

TC Report: 2017 In Review

The first TC Report was published in late April of 2017. What follows is a review of the issues and persistent themes that distill out of a read through all the reports since then.

As with the reports themselves, this is a biased and opinionated document in which I'll ...

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