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Placement Container Playground 7

This is an appendix to my Placement Container Playground series. The last one was Playground 6. That was going to be the end of the series because "woot, it works" and that was enough.

Since then the container has proven useful in a variety of ways, mostly as the host ...

Placement Container Playground 6

Updated 2018-04-10: The container developed from this work is now automatically built on docker hub.

This is the sixth and probably final post in a series of posts about experimenting with the OpenStack Placement service in containers.

The first got the basics working but was not satisfactory because it only ...

Placement Container Playground 5

This is the fifth in a series of posts about experimenting with OpenStack's placement service in a container. In the previous episode, I made an isolated container that persists data to itself work in kubernetes. In there I noted that persisting data to itself rather takes the joy and ...

Placement Container Playground 4

Update: If you want to experiment with the exact code that was used to write this blog posting it is the code at this commit. The branch has since evolved to address some of scaling issues described within. A post about that is forthcoming.

This is the fourth in a ...

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