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Placement Container Playground 9

This is the ninth in a series about running the OpenStack placement service in a container. The previous update was Playground 8.

The container playground series introduced running placement in Kubernetes in Playground 4 and then extended it in Playground 5 to add a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler.

But it was …

Placement Update 19-03

Hello, here's a quick placement update. This will be just a brief summary rather than usual tome. I'm in the midst of some other work.

Most Important

Work to complete and review changes to deployment to support extracted placement is the main thing that matters.

The next placement extraction status …

Placement Update 19-02

Hi! It's a placement update! The main excitement this week is we had a meeting to check in on the state of extraction and figure out the areas that need the most attention. More on that in the extraction section within.

Most Important

Work to complete and review changes to …

etcd + placement + virt-install → compute

I've had a few persistent complaints in my four and half years of working on OpenStack, but two that stand out are:

  • The use of RPC—with large complicated objects being passed around on a message bus—to make things happen. It's fragile, noisy, over-complicated, hard to manage, hard to …

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