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Placement Update 19-34

Welcome to placement update 19-34. Feature Freeze is the week of September 9th. We have features in progress in placement itself (consumer types) and osc-placement that would be great to land.

Most Important

In addition to the features above, we really need to get started on tuning up the documentation …

Placement Update 19-32

Here's placement update 19-32. There will be no update 33; I'm going to take next week off. If there are Placement-related issues that need immediate attention please speak with any of Eric Fried (efried), Balazs Gibizer (gibi), or Tetsuro Nakamura (tetsuro).

Most Important

Same as last week: The main things …

Placement Update 19-31

Pupdate 19-31. No bromides today.

Most Important

Same as last week: The main things on the Placement radar are implementing Consumer Types and cleanups, performance analysis, and documentation related to nested resource providers.

We need to decide how much of a priority consumer types support is. I've taken the task …

Placement Performance Analysis

Performance has always been important to Placement. In a busy OpenStack cloud, it will receive many hits per second. Any slowness in the placement service will add to the latency present in instance creation and migration operations.

When we added support for requesting complex topologies of nested resource providers, performance …

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