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TC Report 18-24

Here's TC Report 24. The last one was 4 weeks ago, itself following a gap. In the intervening time new TC members (Graham Hayes, Mohammed Naser, and Zane Bitter) and a new Chair (Doug Hellman) have found their feet very well, we had a successful and moderately dramatic OpenStack ...

TC Report 18-20

Trying to write a TC report after a gap of 3 weeks is hard enough, but when that gap involves some time off, the TC elections, and the run up to summit (next week in Vancouver) then it gets bewildering. Rather than trying to give anything like a full summary ...

TC Report 18-17

The main TC-related activity over the past week has been the elections currently in progress. A quiet campaigning period burst into late activity with a series of four questions posted in email by Doug Hellman:

TC Report 18-16

This the 16th week of the year, meaning I've been making these reports for a full year. The first one was in the 17th week of 2017. The reports have changed quite a bit since then: Back then there was still a once weekly TC meeting. That's since ...

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