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TC Report 18-33

Dead, Gone or Stable

Last week saw plenty of discussion about how to deal with projects for which no PTL was found by election or acclaim. That discussion continued this week, but also stimulated discussion on the differences between a project being dead, gone from OpenStack, or stable.

TC Report 18-32

The TC discussions of interest in the past week have been related to the recent PTL elections and planning for the forthcoming PTG.

PTL Election Gaps

A few official projects had no nominee for the PTL position. An etherpad was created to track this, and most of the situations have ...

TC Report 18-31

Welcome to this week's TC Report. Again a slow week. A small number of highlights to report.

Last Thursday there was some discussion of the health of the Trove project and how one of the issues that may have limited their success were struggles to achieve a sane security ...

TC Report 18-30

Yet another slow week at TC office hours. This is part of the normal ebb and flow of work, especially with feature freeze looming, but for some reason it bothers me. It reinforces my fears that the TC is either not particularly relevant or looking at the wrong things.

Help ...

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