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Gabbi 1.36.0

The last blog post I made about gabbi was just under a year ago, announcing 1.29.0. Today I released 1.36.0. Several powerful features have been added in that interval, many of them by people other than me, which I take as a great sign of success …

Gabbi 1.29.0

Gabbi is a python-based testing tool that can be used to declaratively test HTTP APIs using a YAML-based format.

Gabbi 1.29.0 has just been released. Since it has been some time since the last posting about gabbi here are some updates on how things have changed in the …

Gabbi 1.13.0

Gabbi 1.13.0 has been released with additional JSONPath features.

Gabbi is a tool for writing tests of HTTP APIs in a declarative style using a YAML-based format. It is primarily oriented towards JSON-based APIs, using JSONPath to validate and inspect responses.

If we have an API that returns …

Planning Gabbi 2.0

There has been a lot of thinking recently about the next steps for gabbi. The ideas being considered are mostly associated with making gabbi more flexible and more extensible and will introduce some backwards incompatible features. Thus there will need to be a version 2.0.

When gabbi was born …

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