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Gabbi Tempest Experiment 1

One of the nice features that's been built into gabbi from near the start is a command line runner that allows gabbi tests to be run against a running web service. Given args.yaml:

- name: check args
  GET: /get?foo=bar
      $ bar

You can do:

gabbi-run …

Gabbi 1.36.0

The last blog post I made about gabbi was just under a year ago, announcing 1.29.0. Today I released 1.36.0. Several powerful features have been added in that interval, many of them by people other than me, which I take as a great sign of success …

Gabbi 1.29.0

Gabbi is a python-based testing tool that can be used to declaratively test HTTP APIs using a YAML-based format.

Gabbi 1.29.0 has just been released. Since it has been some time since the last posting about gabbi here are some updates on how things have changed in the …

Guerrilla Gabbi

Back when I used to spend a lot of time building wiki software, those of us in the trade would use the term guerrilla wiki to refer to wiki software that you could easily spin up on a desktop or handy machine sitting under a departmental desk. This was done …

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