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Placement Container Playground 2

This is a brief followup to placement container playground, wherein I've been using sticking placement into a container with the smallest footprint as a way of exploring the issues involved with extracting placement from nova.

I have two series that experiment with changes that could reduce the footprint:

TC Report 18-06

Nothing revolutionary in the past week of Technical Committee discussion. At least not that I witnessed. If there's a revolutionary cabal somewhere, pretty please I'd like to be a part of it.

Main activity is (again) related to openstack-wide goals and preparing for the PTG in Dublin.

PTG ...

Placement Queens Summary

This is a summary of the main changes made to the Placement service in OpenStack, including only visible changes made to the placement service itself. This is cribbed from the commit history, but is only highlights, not a complete reckoning. There are plenty of other changes, both under the hood ...

Placement Extraction

This is a followup to Placement Container Playground

Since its inception there's been a plan that the OpenStack Placement service will be extracted from the nova code repository into a repository of its own. There are a variety of reasons for this, including:

  • Nova is already huge.

  • It could ...

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