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TC Report 18-15

It feels like people are busy. Traffic in the #openstack-tc channel has been light for the past week.

Forum Topics

By this coming Thursday we hope to have determined which of several topics should be proposed for the forum.

Kolla Situation

In email and in IRC discussion Wednesday and Thursday ...

Placement Container Playground 6

Updated 2018-04-10: The container developed from this work is now automatically built on docker hub.

This is the sixth and probably final post in a series of posts about experimenting with the OpenStack Placement service in containers.

The first got the basics working but was not satisfactory because it only ...

TC Report 18-14

If the logs of #openstack-tc are any indicator of reality (they are not), then the only things that happened in the past week are that the next OpenStack release got a name, and the TC talked about how to evaluate projects applying to be official.


Yes, the people have ...

TC Report 18-13

It's a theme of no surprise, but this report, dedicated to ensuring people are just a bit more informed, has a fair bit to report on how staying informed can be difficult.

Global Communication

Last Wednesday, there was a wide ranging conversation about some of the difficulties that people ...

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