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Placement Update 18-42

After a gap from when I was away last week, here's this week's placement update. The situation this week remains much the same as last week: focus on specs and the bigger issues associated with extraction.

Most Important

The major factors that need attention are managing database migrations ...

Placement Update 18-40

Here's this week's placement update. We remain focused on specs and pressing issues with extraction, mostly because until the extraction is "done" in some form doing much other work is a bit premature.

Most Important

There have been several discussions recently about what to do with options that ...

Gabbi in the Gate

Imagine being able to add integration API tests to an OpenStack project by creating a directory and adding a YAML file in that directory that is those tests. That's the end game of what I'm trying to do with gabbi-tempest and some experiments with zuul jobs.

Gabbi is ...

TC Report 18-40

I'm going to take a break from writing the TC reports for a while. If other people (whether on the TC or not) are interested in producing their own form of a subjective review of the week's TC activity, I very much encourage you to do so. It ...

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