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TC Report 50

Several members of the TC were at KubeCon last week so there's been limited activity since the last report and, of what has happened, much of it is related to establishing productive relations with the Kubernetes community.

Coping with Strategic Contributions

One of the things that came out of ...

TC Report 49

After last week's rather huge TC Report, will keep this one short, reporting on some topics that came up in the #openstack-tc IRC channel in the last week.

Interop Tests and Tempest Plugins

There's a review in process attempting to clarify testing for interop programs. It's somewhat ...

TC Report 48

Due to the recent Summit in Sydney, related travel, and Thanksgiving, it has been a while since I put a TC Report together. It is hard to get back in the groove. Much of the recent discussion has either been reflecting on Summit-initiated discussions or trying to integrate results from ...

OpenStack Forum View

I've been lucky enough to go to the last few OpenStack Summits and to the first two PTG (Project Team Gathering) events. This means I've witnessed the transition from the unified conference + design summit to the separated conference + forum and the PTG. I think I've got enough ...

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