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Placement Update 19-∞

Let's call this placement update 19-∞, as this will be my last one. It's been my pleasure to provide this service for nearly three years. I hope it has been as useful to others as it has been for me. The goal all along was to provide some stigmergic structures to augment how we, the placement team, collaborated.

I guess it worked: yesterday we released a candidate that will likely become the Train version of placement. The first version where the only placement you can get is from its own repo/project. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible over the years.

Most Important

Tetsuro will be the next placement PTL. He and Gibi are working on the project update and other Summit/PTG-related activities for Shanghai. If you have thoughts on that, please contact them.

The now worklist I made a couple weeks ago has had some progress, but some tasks remain. None of them were critical for the release, except perhaps the ongoing need for better documentation of how to most effectively use the service.

Since we're expecting the Ussuri release to be one where we consolidate how other services make use of placement, most of the items on that list can fit well with that.

We should be on the lookout for bugs reported by people trying to the release candidate(s).


(Numbers in () are the change since the last pupdate.)

There are 21 (-2) stories in the placement group. 0 (0) are untagged. 7 (2) are bugs. 2 (-2) are cleanups. 9 (-1) are rfes. 4 (-1) are docs.

If you're interested in helping out with placement, those stories are good places to look.


There are several osc-placement changes, many of which are related to the cutting of a stable/train branch.

Main Themes

Consumer Types

Adding a type to consumers will allow them to be grouped for various purposes, including quota accounting.


Cleanup is an overarching theme related to improving documentation, performance and the maintainability of the code. The changes we made this cycle are fairly complex to use and were fairly complex to write. We need to make sure, with the coming cycle, that we help people use them well.

Other Placement

Miscellaneous changes can be found in the usual place.

There are two os-traits changes being discussed. And zero os-resource-classes changes.

Other Service Users

Since we're in RC period I'll not bother listing pending changes. During Ussuri the placement team hopes to be available to facilitate other projects using the service. Keeping track of those is what this section has been trying to do. Besides general awareness of what's going on, I've also used this gerrit query to find things that might be related to placement.



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