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TC Report 18-38

Rather than writing a TC Report this week, I've written a report on the OpenStack Stein PTG.

OpenStack Stein PTG

For the TL;DR see the end.

The OpenStack PTG finished yesterday. For me it is six days of continuous meetings and discussions and one of the most busy and stressful events in my calendar. I always get ill. There are too few opportunities to refresh my introversion. The negotiating ...

Placement Update 18-36

Welcome back to the placement update. The last one was 5 weeks ago. I took a break to focus on some other things for a while. I plan to make it a regular thing again, but will be skipping next week for the PTG.

The big news is that there ...

TC Report 18-36

It's been a rather busy day, so this TC Report will be a quick update of some discussions that have happened in the past week.

PEP 8002

With Guido van Rossum stepping back from his role as the BDFL of Python, there's work in progress to review different ...

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