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TC Report 18-08

Most TC activity has either been in preparation for the PTG or stalling to avoid starting something that won't be finished before the PTG. But a few discussions to point at.

When's the Next PTG?

Last Tuesday evening had a brief discussion asking when (and where) the next ...

TC Report 18-07

A few things to report from the past week of TC interaction. Not much in the way of opportunities to opine or editorialize.


Still more on the topic of OpenStack wide goals. There was some robust discussion about the mox goal (eventually leading to accepting the goal, despite some ...

Placement Container Playground 3

Continued explorations of winnowing the size of the OpenStack placement service by attempting to remove requirements and adjust code imports, all within a container for easy isolation. The previous discussion is at Placement Container Playground 2.

Today I decided I wanted to run the setup from Placement Scale Fun against ...

Placement Scale Fun

Some notes on exploring how an OpenStack placement service behaves at scale.

The initial challenge is setting up a useful environment. To exercise placement well we need either or both of lots of instances and lots of resource providers (in the form of compute nodes where those instances can land ...

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