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TC Report 30

Welcome to this week's TC Report. I think this report will be somewhat short. There's no meeting scheduled for today, a fair few TC members are in China for an event while others are embroiled in getting things done before milestone 3.

The main burst of TC-related activity ...

TC Report 29

This TC Report is a bit late. Yesterday I was attacked by an oyster.

This week had no meeting, so what follows is a summary of various other TC related (sometimes only vaguely related) activity.


The TC Vision has been merged, presented in a way that makes sure that ...

TC Report 28

It's been a while since I've done one of these. I was between employers and taking a break but am now back in the groove. There's been some activity in the interim, which I'll try to summarize below, but first notes from this evening's meeting ...

TC Report 24

No meeting this week, but some motion on a variety of proposals and other changes. As usual, this document doesn't report on everything going on with the Technical Committee. Instead it tries to focus on those thing which I subjectively believe may have impact on community members.

I will ...

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