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OpenStack Casual Contribution

This post is related to the earlier OpenStack Developer Satisfaction post, which may be of interest.

As part of the Forum at the recent OpenStack Summit in Sydney, there was a session on "Making OpenStack more palatable to part-time contributors". The session had an etherpad and there are some useful ...

OpenStack Developer Satisfaction

When I ran for the OpenStack Technical Committee one of the roles I took for myself was something like a union rep for the people who are existing developers. The people who are there multiple times per week and self-identify as OpenStack developers. Earlier this year I started noticing (more ...

TC Report 44

There's been a fair bit of various TC discussion but as I'm packing for my rather tortured journey to Sydney and preparing some last minute presentation materials, just a short TC Report this week, made up of links to topics in the IRC logs:

TC Report 43

Welcome New TC Members

Main news to report about the OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) is that the elections have finished and there are some new members. The three incumbents that ran returned for another year, meaning three new people join. There's more information in a superuser article. Welcome and ...

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