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TC Report 21

With the advent Thierry's weekly status reports1 on the proposals currently under review by the TC and the optionality of the weekly TC meetings, this report becomes less about meeting minutes and more about reporting on the things that crossed my TC radar that seemed important and/or ...

Ocata Multi-Node Devstack Play

One of my main concerns these days with OpenStack development, as a culture, is how infrequently some developers, notably me, actually do anything remotely real with OpenStack. This is a clear indicator (to me) of two issues we could work to resolve:

  • the corporate sponsorship style of OpenStack development can ...

OpenStack Pike Board Meeting Notes

These are my notes from the OpenStack Foundation Board meetings, held at the beginning of the recent Summit held in Boston, held on May 7th. These are just notes and completely unofficial. Hopefully the typos and lack of structure help to make that clear.

Board Meeting

The Board meets all ...

TC Report 20

I'm not fully recovered from summit yet, so this will not cover everything. It will pick back up next week once I'm back in the full flow.

Notes from Summit

Elsewhere I'll create a more complete write up of the Foundation board meeting that happened on the ...

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