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TC Report 18-03

If a common theme exists in TC activity in the past week, it is the cloudy nature of leadership and governance and how this relates to what the TC should be doing, as a body, and how TC members, as individuals, should identify what they are doing ("I'm doing ...

Placement Container Playground

I've been experimenting with the OpenStack placement service in a container recently. This is a part of exploratory research to see what will be involved in doing one or both of the following:

  • Making a lightweight, but working, install of the placement service that includes as few imports and ...

Gabbi Tempest Experiment 1

One of the nice features that's been built into gabbi from near the start is a command line runner that allows gabbi tests to be run against a running web service. Given args.yaml:

- name: check args
  GET: /get?foo=bar
      $ bar

You can do ...

TC Report 18-02

Welcome to the first normal TC Report of 2018. Last week I did a review of much of 2017 but there was little to report from the first two days of the year, so there is no TC Report 18-01.

Since then there's been a bit of TC business ...

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