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OpenDev 2017

I've spent the last couple of days at OpenDev. Here are some quick and dirty thoughts from the two days.

The event described itself as:

OpenDev is an annual event focused at the intersection of composable open infrastructure and modern applications. The 2017 gathering will focus on edge computing ...

TC Report 35 (not)

There will be no TC Report this week and next because I'm traveling. The week after that is the PTG, at which I will try to be verbose.

Microversion Conversion Therapy

When I first joined the OpenStack community a few years ago I had a very bad reaction when exposed to microversions. This had more to do with the implementation (which struck me as a very Not Invented Here solution) than their actual purpose in life. Over time I've become ...

TC Report 34

Once again, a slow week in the world of TC-related activity. Plenty of people are on holiday or still engaged with release-related activity.

So really the only thing to talk about is that everyone who will be attending the PTG or who has concerns they wish to see addressed there ...

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