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PyConUK 2016

PyConUK 2016 was in Cardiff this year, from Thursday the 15th of September through to Monday the 19th. I was very much looking forward to attending: I've been a few times before and it is always friendly, diverse, and full of interesting topics and people and my brain was ...

Remote Literacy

Someone recently pointed out Working remotely, a set of ideas from someone who works at Hypothesis where remote working is the norm. The first idea is Read, write everything down, repeat.

It reminds me of two things:

  • The single most cogent piece of advice I've ever seen on how ...

Simple Resource Provision

When evaluating APIs (HTTP and otherwise) I am predisposed to simplicity and comprehensibility in implementation and use. That means the interface should:

  • have a limited number of resources
  • have simple representations of those resources with minimal dimensions (variables)
    • thus a correspondingly limited number of operations that can be performed across ...

More Generic Resource Pools

One of the changes in progress to improve the scheduler or placement engine in Nova is something called generic resource pools. These are a way of representing an entity which can provide inventories of one or more class of resources (things like virtual cpus, disk, networks).

I was in the ...

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