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Placement Update 18-30

This is placement update 18-30, a weekly update of ongoing development related to the OpenStack placement service.

Most Important

This week is feature freeze for the Rocky cycle, so the important stuff is watching already approved code to make sure it actually merges, bug fixes and testing.

What's Changed ...

Nova's use of Placement

A year and a half ago I did some analysis on how nova uses placement.

I've repeated some of that analysis today and here's a brief summary of the results. Note that I don't present this because I'm concerned about load on placement, we've demonstrated ...

Placement Extraction 2

Back in February I wrote up a review of the issues involved with extracting placement from nova. Many of the tasks associated with that have been addressed but there's definitely plenty left to do so I'm writing up a second version.

Most code which is within nova.api ...

TC Report 18-30

Yet another slow week at TC office hours. This is part of the normal ebb and flow of work, especially with feature freeze looming, but for some reason it bothers me. It reinforces my fears that the TC is either not particularly relevant or looking at the wrong things.

Help ...

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