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Profiling Placement in Docker

Back in March, I wrote Profiling WSGI Apps, describing one way to profile the placement service. It was useful enough that a version of it was added to the docs.

Since then I've wanted something a bit more flexible. I maintain a container for placement on Docker hub. When I …

Placement Update 19-29

Welcome to a rushed pupdate 19-29. My morning was consumed by other things.

A reminder: The Placement project holds office hours every Wednesday at 1500 UTC in the #openstack-placement IRC channel. If you have a topic that needs some synchronous discussion, then is an ideal time. Just start talking!

Most …

Placement Update 19-28

This is pupdate 19-28. Next week is the Train-2 milestone.

Most Important

Based on the discussion on the PTG attendance thread and the notes on the related etherpad I'm going to tell the Foundation there will be approximately seven Placement team members at Shanghai but formal space or scheduling will …

Eight Hour Day Update

Since Denver in early May I've been running a timer to limit my work day to eight hours. I've stuck to it pretty well, long enough that I have a few observations.

Some of the expected positive outcomes are there: I have more time to attend to non-work tasks like …

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