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Placement Update 18-47

It's been a while since the last placement update. Summit happened. Seemed pretty okay, except for the food. People have things they'd like to do with placement.

Most Important

We're starting to approach the point where we're thinking about the possibility of maybe turning off placement-in-nova ...

OpenStack Berlin Summit 2018

Last week I attended the OpenStack summit in Berlin. Of the several summits I've attended, this one was the most laid back. I imagine other people had different experiences, but my experience involved no surprises, no scandals, I neither got yelled at nor yelled at someone, and at least ...

Placement Update 18-44

Good morning, it's placement update time.

Most Important

Lately attention has been primarily on specs, database migration tooling, and progress on documentation. These remain the important areas.

What's Changed


Placement Update 18-43

A placement update for you.

Most Important

Same as last week: The major factors that need attention are managing database migrations and associated tooling and getting the ball rolling on properly producing documentation. More on both of these things in the extraction section below.

Matt has sent out an email ...

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