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TC Report 18


Feedback from last week's first attempt at a weekly overview of TC activity was positive enough to continue. Suggestions on how to make it more useful welcome. Main change this time is that I've added some information on stuff happened outside the meeting, a link to the ...

TC Report 17

This is published both as email and a blog post.


As promised, here's my first attempt at providing a weekly overview of what's happening with the TC. The structure here is subject to change as I figure out what makes sense. Suggestions welcome.

This one is short ...

OpenStack Pike TC Candidacy

This is my candidacy statement for the OpenStack Technical Committee, sent as email to the developers list.

I'm once again nominating myself to be your representative on the Technical Committee. I've been around OpenStack for about three years, most recently visible as the guy who writes those weekly ...

OpenStack PTG Day 0

I wrote this on the plane on the way to the PTG and then planned to write one each day. It turns out the PTG was (for me) extremely busy and very exhausting so not only did I not get around to writing a posting each day, I also didn ...

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