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Placement Update 19-21

And here we have placement update 19-21.

Most Important

The spec for nested magic has been split. The second half contains the parts which should be relatively straightforward. The original retains functionality that may be too complex. An email has been addressed to operators asking for feedback.

Those two specs …

Placement Update 19-20

Placement update 19-20. Lots of cleanups in progress, laying in the groundwork to do the nested magic work (see themes below).

The poll to determine what to do with the weekly meeting will close at the end of today. Thus far the leader is office hours. Whatever the outcome, the …

Placement Update 19-19

Woo! Placement update 19-19. First one post PTG and Summit. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a useful event for Placement. Having the pre-PTG meant that we had addressed most issues prior to getting there meaning that people were freed up to work in other areas and the discussions …

Placement Update 19-14

Placement update 19-14 is here. There will be no 15, 16 or 17 due to various bits of travel. There will be some PTG-related summaries.

Most Important

The Virtual Pre-PTG is in full swing and making some good progress towards making sure that we only hit the hard stuff at …

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