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Placement Update 19-24

Here's a 19-24 pupdate. Last week I said there wouldn't be one this week. I was wrong. There won't be one next week. I'm taking the week off to reset (I hope). I've tried to make sure that there's nothing floating about in Placement land that is blocking on me …

More on Maintainership

This is a followup to some of the thoughts about being a "maintainer" raised in OpenStack Denver Summit Reflection.

Of the work that I've done in OpenStack, what has felt most relevant to me is the work that has not been related to feature development. In the context of being …

Placement Update 19-23

19-23. I'll be travelling the end of next week so there will be no 19-24.

Most Important

We keep having interesting and helpful, but not yet fully conclusive, discussions related to the spec for nested magic. The discussion on the spec links back to a few different IRC discussions. Part …

Placement Update 19-22

Welcome to placement update 19-22.

Most Important

We are continuing to work through issues associated with the spec for nested magic. Unsurprisingly, there are edge cases where we need to be sure we're doing the right thing, both in terms of satisfying the use cases as well as making sure …

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