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Placement Update 19-35

Let's have a placement update 19-35. Feature freeze is this week. We have a feature in progress (consumer types, see below) but it is not critical.

Most Important

Three main things we should probably concern ourselves with in the immediate future:

  • We are currently without a PTL for Ussuri. There's …

Placement Update 19-34

Welcome to placement update 19-34. Feature Freeze is the week of September 9th. We have features in progress in placement itself (consumer types) and osc-placement that would be great to land.

Most Important

In addition to the features above, we really need to get started on tuning up the documentation …

Placement Update 19-32

Here's placement update 19-32. There will be no update 33; I'm going to take next week off. If there are Placement-related issues that need immediate attention please speak with any of Eric Fried (efried), Balazs Gibizer (gibi), or Tetsuro Nakamura (tetsuro).

Most Important

Same as last week: The main things …

Placement Update 19-31

Pupdate 19-31. No bromides today.

Most Important

Same as last week: The main things on the Placement radar are implementing Consumer Types and cleanups, performance analysis, and documentation related to nested resource providers.

We need to decide how much of a priority consumer types support is. I've taken the task …

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