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Placement Update 19-12

Placement update 19-12. Nearing 1/4 of the way through the year.

I won't be around on Monday, if someone else can chair the meeting that would be great. Or feel free to cancel it.

Most Important

An RC2 was cut earlier this week, expecting it to be the last …

Placement Update 19-11

Placement update 19-11! Our little friend has come so far: a stable/stein branch was cut this week.

Most Important

Soon after RC1 was created, we discovered an issue in the PlacementFixture, used by nova. This was fixed and backported so there will be an RC2, toward the end of …

Placement Update 19-10

Placement update 19-10 is here. We're fast approaching placement's first official release.

Most Important

There are several tasks left before we can cut the release, mostly related to documentation and other writing related things. I've attempted to enumerate them in a "Prepping the RC" section below. These are things that …

Profiling WSGI Apps

If you're making web apps or HTTP APIs with Python, WSGI remains a solid choice for the underlying framework for handling HTTP requests and responses. ASGI is getting a lot of attention these days (see, for example, starlette) but in many cases the concurrency model of WSGI, which can be …

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