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Placement Update 19-01

Hello! Here's placement update 19-01. Not a ton to report this week, so this will mostly be updating the lists provided last week.

Most Important

As mentioned last week, there will be a meeting next week to discuss what is left before we can pull the trigger on deleting the …

Placement From PyPI

Today the OpenStack placement service has reached something of a milestone: It is now possible to install it from PyPI and make it do its thing. Here's a quick shell script that demonstrates (without keystone). It requires a working python3 development environment but is otherwise self-contained.

Because keystone is not …

Placement Update 19-00

Welcome to the first placement update of 2019. May all your placements have sufficient resources this year.

Most Important

A few different people have mentioned that we're approaching crunch time on pulling the trigger on deleting the placement code from nova. The week of the 14th there will be a …

Placement Update 18-49

This will be the last placement update of the year. I'll be travelling next Friday and after that we'll be deep in the December lull. I'll catch us up next on January 4th.

Most Important

As last week, progress continues on the work in ansible, puppet/tripleo, kolla, loci to …

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