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Antarctica 2006

Over Christmas of 2006 I took a trip to Antarctica with my friend Sean. It was, as you might expect, amazing. Soon after I gathered my notes into a bit a travelogue. At that time I was working at Socialtext, doing wikis, so I put it in a wiki there. The photos went on Flickr. That used its own wikitext format.

A few years later I had moved on to working on TiddlyWeb and then TiddlySpace. My continued free access to Socialtext was in doubt, so I moved the travelogue to TiddlySpace. At that time TiddlySpace could only render TiddlyWiki (Classic) wikitext, so I translated the content to that format.

TiddlySpace will be shut down before the end of the year as BT no longer wishes to care for it.

Nearly three years ago BT no longer wished to care for me so in my free time I started working on TANK and have made it my self-hosted personal wiki engine thing. It uses Markdown by default.

Today I moved the Antarctica Travelogue to tank, translating the content to yet another format. I'm hoping that this one will last. I'm hosting my own resources in a de facto standard format.

I probably should have done that from the start.

It remains a good read, and at least for now the pictures remain safely on Flickr. I suppose I'll have to host them too, eventually.

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