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Quick Placement Development

One day a while back, I started blabbing out loud about some quick ways to experiment with a live placement service and was (very appropriately) reminded that I make a ton of incorrect assumptions about the familiarity people have with things I do most days. Statements like "just spin up ...

Placement Update 18-42

After a gap from when I was away last week, here's this week's placement update. The situation this week remains much the same as last week: focus on specs and the bigger issues associated with extraction.

Most Important

The major factors that need attention are managing database migrations ...

Placement Update 18-40

Here's this week's placement update. We remain focused on specs and pressing issues with extraction, mostly because until the extraction is "done" in some form doing much other work is a bit premature.

Most Important

There have been several discussions recently about what to do with options that ...

Gabbi in the Gate

Update: gabbi-tempest is now documented and fully merged up to make the ideas below work. I wrote an email to the openstack-dev explaining the current state of affairs. I also found a post from January describing an earlier stage in the process.

Imagine being able to add integration API tests ...

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