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etcd-compute refresh

A while back I wrote about etcd-compute. It's a collection of Python that combines Placement, etcd, and libvirt to provide a very simple system for starting VMs on a collection of hosts. It started out as a non-working learning and exploration tool, but it keeps getting closer to something useful …

Placement Update 19-13

Placement update 19-13 is brought to you by the letters P and U.

Most Important

The Virtual Pre-PTG starts next week. Watch out for emails to start different threads throughout the week. Also next week there will be a Nova pre-PTG spec review. Plenty of the pending work touches on …

Open Infra Days UK Thoughts

I attended Open Infra Days UK in London. When asked to extract a theme from the two days my response boiled down to "people want to run Kubernetes clusters and want the bits underneath to be low fuss." There were many more ideas passed around, but that one was there …

Placement Update 19-12

Placement update 19-12. Nearing 1/4 of the way through the year.

I won't be around on Monday, if someone else can chair the meeting that would be great. Or feel free to cancel it.

Most Important

An RC2 was cut earlier this week, expecting it to be the last …

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