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Placement Update 18-29

This is placement update 18-29, a weekly update of ongoing development related to the OpenStack placement service.

Thanks to Jay for providing one of these last week when I was away:

Most Important

Feature freeze is next week. We're racing now to get as much of three styles of work done as possible:

  • Effectively managing nested and shared resource providers when managing allocations (such as in migrations).
  • Correctly handling resource provider and consumer generations in the nova-side report client.
  • Supporting reshaping provider trees.

The latter two are actively in progress. Not sure about the first. Anyone?

As ever, we continue to find bugs with existing features that existing tests are not catching. These are being found by people experimenting. So: experiment please.

What's Changed

Most of the functionality and fixes related to consumer generations is in place on the placement side.

We now enforce that consumer identifiers are uuids.


Main Themes


This is a section for reminding us to document all the fun stuff we are enabling. Open areas include:

  • "How to deploy / model shared disk. Seems fairly straight-forward, and we could even maybe create a multi-node ceph job that does this - wouldn't that be awesome?!?!", says an enthusiastic Matt Riedemann.

  • The whens and wheres of re-shaping and VGPUs.

Consumer Generations

These are in place on the placement side. There's some pending work on using them properly and addresssing some nits:

Reshape Provider Trees

The work to support a /reshaper URI that allows moving inventory and allocations between resource providers is in progress. The database handling (at the bottom of the stack) is pretty much ready, the HTTP API is close except for a small issue with allocation schema, and the nova side is in active progress.

That's all at:

Mirror Host Aggregates

This needs a command line tool:


I took some time yesterday to experiment with an alternative to the os-resource-classes that jay created. My version is, thus far, just a simple spike that makes symbols pointing to strings, and that's it. I've made a proof of concept of integrating it with placement.

Other extraction things that continue to need some thought are:

  • infra and co-gating issues that are going to come up
  • copying whatever nova-based test fixture we might like


20 entries two weeks ago. 29 now.


Thanks to everyone for all their hard work making this happen.

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