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Placement Update 18-36

Welcome back to the placement update. The last one was 5 weeks ago. I took a break to focus on some other things for a while. I plan to make it a regular thing again, but will be skipping next week for the PTG.

The big news is that there is now a placement repository. That's the thing I was focussing on. Work is progressing to get it healthy and happy.

Because of that, henceforth the shape of this update will change a bit. If I'm able to find them, I'm going to try to include anything that directly relates to placement. Primarily this will be stuff in the placement repo itself, and related changes in nova, but hopefully it will also include work in Blazar, Cyborg, Neutron, Zun and other projects that are either already working with placement or planning to do so soon. I can't see everything though so if I miss something, please let me know. For this edition I'm not going to go out of my way to report on individual reviews, rather set the stage for the future.

Most Important

If you're going to be at the PTG next week there will be plenty to talk about related to placement.

  • On Monday between 2-3pm Cyborg, Nova, and Placement -interested people will meet in the Cyborg room.
  • On Tuesday 10am it's with Blazar.
  • Sometime, maybe Tuesday afternoon (TBD), with Cinder.
  • Much of Wednesday: in the Nova room to discuss Placement (the service) and placement (the process) -related topics.

The other pending issues are related to upgrades (from-nova, to-placement), migrating existing data, and management of schema migrations. Matt posted a summary of some of that to get feedback from the wider community.

What's Changed


Propose your changes to placement there, not nova. Nova still has placement code within itself, but for the time being the placement parts are frozen.


For now, bugs are still being tracked under nova using the tag placement. There will likely be some changes in this, but it works for now. There's also an etherpad where cleanups and todos are being remembered.


It's that time in the cycle, so let's have a specs section. This currently includes proposals in nova-specs (where placement-service-related specs will live for a while). In the future it will also have any other stuff I can find out there in the world.

Main Themes

We'll figure out what the main themes are next week at the PTG, once that happens this section will have more. In the meantime:

Reshape Provider Trees

Testing of the /reshaper from libvirt and xen drivers is showing some signs of success moving VGPU inventory from the compute node to a child provider.

Consumer Generations

There continues to be work in progress on the nova side to make best use of consumer generations.



The placement repo is currently small enough that looking at all open patches isn't too overwhelming.

Because of all the recent work with extraction, and because the PTG is next week I'm not up to date on what patches that are related to placement are in need of review. In the meantime if you want to go looking around, anything with 'placement' in the commit mesage is fun.

Next time I'll provide more detail.


Thanks to everyone for getting placement this far.

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