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Placement Update 18-42

After a gap from when I was away last week, here's this week's placement update. The situation this week remains much the same as last week: focus on specs and the bigger issues associated with extraction.

Most Important

The major factors that need attention are managing database migrations and associated tooling and getting the ball rolling on properly producing documentation. More on both of these things in the extraction section below.

What's Changed

mnaser found an issue with the migrations associated with consumer ids. A fix was created in nova and ported into placement but it raised some questions on what to do with those migrations in the extracted placement. Some work also needs to be done to check to make sure the solutions will work in postgresql, as it might tickle the way it is more strict about group by clauses.



There's a spec review sprint this coming Tuesday. This may be missing some newer specs because I got exhausted keeping tabs on the ones that already exist.

Main Themes

Making Nested Useful

Work on getting nova's use of nested resource providers happy and fixing bugs discovered in placement in the process. This is creeping ahead, but feels somewhat stalled out, presumably because people are busy with other things.

I feel like I'm missing some things in this area. Please let me know if there are others. This is related:


There continue to be three main tasks in regard to placement extraction:

  1. upgrade and integration testing
  2. database schema migration and management
  3. documentation publishing

The upgrade aspect of (1) is in progress with a patch to grenade and a patch to devstack. This is very close to working. A main blocker is needing a proper tool for managing the creation and migration of database tables (more below).

My experiments with using gabbi-tempest are getting a bit closer.

Successful devstack is dependent on us having a reasonable solution to (2). For the moment a hacked up script is being used to create tables. Ed has started some work on moving to alembic.

We have work in progress to tune up the documentation but we are not yet publishing documentation (3). We need to work out a plan for this. Presumably we don't want to be publishing docs until we are publishing code, but the interdependencies need to be teased out.


Various placement changes out in the world.



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