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Placement Update 18-43

A placement update for you.

Most Important

Same as last week: The major factors that need attention are managing database migrations and associated tooling and getting the ball rolling on properly producing documentation. More on both of these things in the extraction section below.

Matt has sent out an email seeking volunteers from OpenStack Ansible or TripleO to get placement upgrade tooling in one of those projects.


I guess it is because of various people doing upgrades, and some of the downstream projects starting to take more advantage of placement, but there's been a raft of interesting bugs recently. Many related to some of the more esoteric aspects of the ProviderTree handling in the resource tracker, the SQL in the placement service, or management of global state in WSGI servers. Initially this is a bit frustrating, but it's also a good thing: Finding and fixing bugs is the beating heart of an open source project. So thanks to everyone finding and fixing them.


The spec review sprint happened and managed to get some specs merged, so this list should have shrunk some.

Main Themes

Making Nested Useful

Work on getting nova's use of nested resource providers happy and fixing bugs discovered in placement in the process. This is creeping ahead. We recently confirmed that end-to-end success with nested providers is priority one for resource provider related work.

There's a topic for reshaper that still has some open patches:


There continue to be three main tasks in regard to placement extraction:

  1. upgrade and integration testing
  2. database schema migration and management
  3. documentation publishing

There's been some good progress here. The grenade job works and is ready to merge independent of other things. The related devstack change is still waiting on the database management that's part of (2). As mentioned above, volunteers from OSA or TripleO are being recruited.

That db management is making some good headway with a working alembic setup but the tooling to use it needs to be formalized. The command line hack has been updated to use the alembic setup.

We have work in progress to tune up the documentation but we are not yet publishing documentation (3). The plan here is to incrementally improve things as we have attention and discover things. One goal with this is to keep the process moving and use followups to avoid nitpicking each other too much.


Various placement changes out in the world.


It's tired around here.

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