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Placement Update 18-44

Good morning, it's placement update time.

Most Important

Lately attention has been primarily on specs, database migration tooling, and progress on documentation. These remain the important areas.

What's Changed



Progress continues on reviewing specs.

Main Themes

Making Nested Useful

The nested allocations support has merged. That was the stuff that was on this topic:

There are some reshaper patches in progress.

I suspect we need some real world fiddling with nested workloads to have any real confidence with this stuff.


There continue to be three main tasks in regard to placement extraction:

  1. upgrade and integration testing
  2. database schema migration and management
  3. documentation publishing

Most of this work is now being tracked on a new etherpad. If you're looking for something to do (either code or review), there is a good place to look to find something.

The db-related work is getting very close, which will allow grenade and devstack changes to merge.


Various placement changes out in the world.


Apologies if this is messier than normal, I'm rushing to get it out before I travel.

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