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Placement Update 19-00

Welcome to the first placement update of 2019. May all your placements have sufficient resources this year.

Most Important

A few different people have mentioned that we're approaching crunch time on pulling the trigger on deleting the placement code from nova. The week of the 14th there will be a meeting to iron out the details of what needs to be done prior to that. If this is important to you, watch out for an announcement of when it will be. This is a separate issue from putting placement under its own governance, but some of the requirements declared for that, notably a deployment tool demonstrating an upgrade from placement-in-nova to placement-alone, are relevant.

Therefore, reviewing and tracking the deployment tool related work remains critical. Those are listed below.

Also, it is spec freeze next week. There are quite a lot of specs that are relevant to placement and scheduling that are close, but not quite. Mel has sent out an email about which specs most need attention.

What's Changed

  • There's an os-resource-classes now, already merged in placement, with a change posted for nova. It's effectively the same as os-traits, but for resource classes.

  • There's a release of a 0.1.0 of placement pending. This won't have complete documentation, but will mean that there's an actually usable openstack-placement on PyPI, with what we expect to be the final python module requirements.

  • This has been true for a while, but it seems worth mentioning, via coreycb: "you can install placement-api on bionic with the stein cloud archive enabled".

  • A db stamp command has been added to placement-manage tool which makes it possible for someone who has migrated their data from nova to say "I'm at version X".

  • placement functional tests have been removed from nova.

  • Matt did a mess of work to make initializing the scheduler report client in nova less expensive and redundant.

  • Improving the handling of allocation ratios has merged, allowing for "initial allocation ratios".



Spec freeze next week! Only one of the previously listed specs has merged since early December and a new one has been added (at the end).

Main Themes

Making Nested Useful

Progress continues on gpu-reshaping for libvirt and xen:

Also making use of nested is bandwidth-resource-provider:

There's a review guide for those patches.

Eric's in the process of doing lots of cleanups to how often the ProviderTree in the resource tracker is checked against placement, and a variety of other "let's make this more right" changes in the same neighborhood:


The extraction etherpad is starting to contain more strikethrough text than not. Progress is being made. I'll refactor that soon so it is more readable, before the week of the 14th meeting.

The main tasks are the reshaper work mentioned above and the work to get deployment tools operating with an extracted placement:

Loci's change to have an extracted placement has merged.

Kolla has a patch to include the upgrade script. It raises the question of how or if the should be distributed. Should it maybe end up in the pypi distribution?

Documentation tuneups:


There are currently 13 open changes in placement itself. Most of the time critical work is happening elsewhere (notably the deployment tool changes listed above).

Of those placement changes, the database-related ones from Tetsuro are the most important.

Outside of placement:


Lot's of good work in progress. Our main task is making sure it all gets review and merged. The sooner we do, the sooner people get to use it and find all the bugs we're sure to have left lying around.

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