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Placement Update 19-01

Hello! Here's placement update 19-01. Not a ton to report this week, so this will mostly be updating the lists provided last week.

Most Important

As mentioned last week, there will be a meeting next week to discuss what is left before we can pull the trigger on deleting the placement code from nova. Wednesday is looking like a good day, perhaps at 1700UTC, but we'll need to confirm that on Monday when more people are around. Feel free to respond on this thread if that won't work for you (and suggest an alternative).

Since deleting the code is dependent on deployment tooling being able to handle extracted placement (and upgrades to it), reviewing that work is important (see below).

What's Changed

  • It was nova's spec freeze this week, so a lot of effort was spent getting some specs reviewed and merged. That's reflected in the shorter specs section, below.

  • Placement had a release and was published to pypi. This was a good excuse to write (yet another) blog post on how easy it is to play with.



With spec freeze this week, this will be the last time we'll see this section until near the end of this cycle. Only one of the specs listed last week merged (placement for counting quota).

Main Themes

Making Nested Useful

I've been saying for a few weeks that "progress continues on gpu-reshaping for libvirt and xen" but it looks like the work at:

is actually stalled. Anyone have some insight on the status of that work?

Also making use of nested is bandwidth-resource-provider:

There's a review guide for those patches.

Eric's in the process of doing lots of cleanups to how often the ProviderTree in the resource tracker is checked against placement, and a variety of other "let's make this more right" changes in the same neighborhood:


Besides the meeting mentioned above, I've refactored the extraction etherpad to make a new version that has less noise in it so the required actions are a bit more clear.

The tasks remain much the same as mentioned last week: the reshaper work mentioned above and the work to get deployment tools operating with an extracted placement:

Loci's change to have an extracted placement has merged.

Kolla has a patch to include the upgrade script. It raises the question of how or if the should be distributed. Should it maybe end up in the pypi distribution?

(The rest of this section is duplicated from last week.)

Documentation tuneups:


There are still 13 open changes in placement itself. Most of the time critical work is happening elsewhere (notably the deployment tool changes listed above).

Of those placement changes, the database-related ones from Tetsuro are the most important.

Outside of placement:


If anyone has submitted, or is planning to, a proposal for summit that is placement-related, it would be great to hear about it. I had thought about doing a resilient placement in kubernetes with cockroachdb for the edge sort of thing, but then realized my motivations were suspect and I have enough to do otherwise.

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