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Placement Update 19-02

Hi! It's a placement update! The main excitement this week is we had a meeting to check in on the state of extraction and figure out the areas that need the most attention. More on that in the extraction section within.

Most Important

Work to complete and review changes to deployment to support extracted placement is the main thing that matters.

What's Changed

  • Placement is now able to publish release notes.

  • Placement is running python 3.7 unit tests in the gate, but not functional (yet).

  • We had that meeting and Matt made some notes.



Last week was spec freeze so I'll not list all the specs here, but for reference, there were 16 specs listed last week and all 16 of them are neither merged nor abandoned.

Main Themes

The reshaper work was restarted after discussion at the meeting surfaced its stalled nature. The libvirt side of things is due some refactoring while the xenapi side is waiting for a new owner to come up to speed. Gibi has proposed a related functional test. All of that at:

Also making use of nested is this spectacular stack of code at bandwidth-resource-provider:

Eric's in the process of doing lots of cleanups to how often the ProviderTree in the resource tracker is checked against placement, and a variety of other "let's make this more right" changes in the same neighborhood:

That stuff is very close to ready and will make lots of people happy when it merges. One of the main areas of concern is making sure it doesn't break things for Ironic.


As noted above, there was a meeting which resulted in Matt's Notes, an updated extraction etherpad, and an improved understanding of where things stand.

The critical work to ensure a healthy extraction is with getting deployment tools working. Here are some of the links to that work:

We also worked out that getting the online database migrations happening on the placement side of the world would help:

Documentation is mostly in-progress, but needs some review from packagers. A change to openstack-manuals depends on the initial placement install docs.

There is a patch to delete placement from nova on which we've put an administrative -2 until it is safe to do the delete.


There are 13 open changes in placement itself. Several of those are easy win cleanups.

Of those placement changes, the online-migration-related ones are the most important.

Outside of placement (I've decided to trim this list to just stuff that's seen a commit in the last two months):


Because I wanted to see what it might look like, I made a toy VM scheduler and placer, using etcd and placement. Then I wrote a blog post. I wish there was more time for this kind of educational and exploratory playing.

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