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Placement Update 19-12

Placement update 19-12. Nearing 1/4 of the way through the year.

I won't be around on Monday, if someone else can chair the meeting that would be great. Or feel free to cancel it.

Most Important

An RC2 was cut earlier this week, expecting it to be the last, but there are a couple of patches which could be put in an RC3 if we were inclined that way. Discuss.

We merged a first suite of contribution guidelines. These are worth reading as they explain how to manage bugs, start new features, and be a good reviewer. Because of the introduction of StoryBoard, processes are different from what you may have been used to in Nova.

Because of limited time and space and conflicting responsibilities the Placement team will be doing a Virtual Pre-PTG.

What's Changed

  • The contribution guidelines linked above describe how to manage specs, which will now be in-tree. If you have a spec to propose or re-propose (from stein in nova), it now goes in doc/source/specs/train/approved/.

  • Some image type traits have merged (to be used in a nova-side request pre-filter), but the change has exposed an issue we'll need to resolve: os-traits and os-resource-classes are under the cycle-with-intermediary style release which means that at this time in the cycle it is difficult to make a release which can delay work. We could switch to independent. This would make sense for libraries that are basically lists of strings. It's hard to break that. We could also investigate making os-traits and os-resource-classes required-projects in job templates in zuul. This would allow them to be "tox siblings". Or we could wait. Please express an opinion if you have one.

  • In discussion in #openstack-nova about the patch to delete placement from nova, it was decided that rather than merge that after the final RC, we would wait until the PTG. There is discussion on the patch which attempts to explain the reasons why.



We should do a bug squash day at some point. Should we wait until after the PTG or no?

Note that the contribution guidelines has some information on how to evaluate new stories and what tags to add.


osc-placement is currently behind by 13 microversions.

Pending changes:

Main Themes

Be thinking about what you'd like the main themes to be. Put them on the PTG etherpad.

Other Placement

  • Negative member of aggregate filtering resource providers and allocation candidates. This is nearly ready.

  • This is a start at unit tests for the PlacementFixture. It is proving a bit "fun" to get right, as there are many layers involved. Making sure seemingly unrelated changes in placement don't break the nova gate is important. Besides these unit tests, there's discussion on the PTG etherpad of running the nova functional tests, or a subset thereof, in placement's check run.

    On the one hand this is a pain and messy, but on the other consider what we're enabling: Functional tests that use the real functionality of an external service (real data, real web requests), not stubs or fakes.

  • Use code role in api-ref titles

Other Service Users

There's a lot here, but it is certain this is not all of it. If I missed something you care about, followup mentioning it.

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