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Placement Update 19-29

Welcome to a rushed pupdate 19-29. My morning was consumed by other things.

A reminder: The Placement project holds office hours every Wednesday at 1500 UTC in the #openstack-placement IRC channel. If you have a topic that needs some synchronous discussion, then is an ideal time. Just start talking!

Most Important

The two main things on the Placement radar are implementing Consumer Types and cleanups, performance analysis, and documentation related to nested resource providers.

What's Changed

  • The api-ref has moved to from Redirects are in place.

  • Both traits and resource classes are now cached per request, allowing for some name to id and id to name optimizations.

  • A new zuul template is being used in placement that means fewer irrelevant tempest tests are run on placement changes.


(Numbers in () are the change since the last pupdate.)

There are 21 (-1) stories in the placement group. 0 (0) are untagged. 2 (0) are bugs. 5 (0) are cleanups. 10 (0) are rfes. 4 (0) are docs.

If you're interested in helping out with placement, those stories are good places to look.


osc-placement is currently behind by 12 microversions.

  • Add support for multiple member_of. There's been some useful discussion about how to achieve this, and a consensus has emerged on how to get the best results.

Main Themes

Consumer Types

Adding a type to consumers will allow them to be grouped for various purposes, including quota accounting.


Cleanup is an overarching theme related to improving documentation, performance and the maintainability of the code. The changes we are making this cycle are fairly complex to use and are fairly complex to write, so it is good that we're going to have plenty of time to clean and clarify all these things.

Other Placement

Miscellaneous changes can be found in the usual place.

There are two os-traits changes being discussed. And zero os-resource-classes changes (yay!).

Other Service Users

New discoveries are added to the end. Merged stuff is removed. Anything that has had no activity in 4 weeks has been removed.


If we get the chance, it will be interesting to start working with placement with 1 million providers. Just to see.

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