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Placement Container Playground 7

This is an appendix to my Placement Container Playground series. The last one was Playground 6. That was going to be the end of the series because "woot, it works" and that was enough.

Since then the container has proven useful in a variety of ways, mostly as the host for a collection of gabbi-based set of tests and demonstrations of the API. These are kept in the placecat.

Some of those demonstrations use placement to represent the food in a refrigerator and build some sandwiches. That model was sufficiently comprehensible that it helped drive a presentation given by fellow placement developers Ed Leafe and Eric Fried at Summit:

Since then I've been using the system to exercise the more esoteric features in placement, including nested resource providers and consumer generations, sometimes finding important bugs. Bugs are most often revealed when I try to use multiple features in the same series of tests, outside of their normal intentions.

Because of all that, the files in placecat have now become a sort of evolving third party integration test of placement so I thought I better automate it.

Now any time the placecat repo is updated or any time the associated container on dockerhub that is built from the placedock repository is refreshed, a travis ci job is automatically triggered. That fetches, builds, and runs the latest container and then runs all placecat tests against it.

As of today it fails in ways that are well known and fixes are in progress.

Build Status

The next step is to build a new container any time new code is merged to placement.

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