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Placement Update 19-03

Hello, here's a quick placement update. This will be just a brief summary rather than usual tome. I'm in the midst of some other work.

Most Important

Work to complete and review changes to deployment to support extracted placement is the main thing that matters.

The next placement extraction status checkin will be 17.00 UTC, February 6th.

What's Changed

  • Changes to allow database status checks in placement-status upgrade check have either merged or will soon. These combine with online data migrations to ensure that the state of an upgraded installations has healthy consumers and resource providers.
  • libvirt vgpu reshaper code is ready for review and has an associated functional test. When that stuff merges the main remaining extraction-related tasks are in the deployment tools.
  • os-resource-classes 0.2.0 was released, adding the PCPU class.


Main Themes



Deployment related changes:

Delete placement from nova.


Please refer to last week for lots of pending changes.

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