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Placement Update 19-10

Placement update 19-10 is here. We're fast approaching placement's first official release.

Most Important

There are several tasks left before we can cut the release, mostly related to documentation and other writing related things. I've attempted to enumerate them in a "Prepping the RC" section below. These are things that need to be done before next Thursday, preferably sooner.

It's also important to be thinking about how placement would like to engage (as a group) with the PTG (the Forum is already decided: there will be an extraction related Forum session).

What's Changed

  • Oh, hey, I'm, like, the placement PTL. Mel and I decided early in the week that whatever the official timetable, I'll take the baton from here. Thanks to everyone who helped to get placement to where we are now.

  • The stack of code that got rid of the List classes in favor of module level methods, which also happened to move each "object" type to its own module, has merged. I'm glad we got this in before release as it ought to make debugging and digging around a bit easier.

  • Lots of little documentation tuneups (from story 2005190) have merged, including pointing to storyboard for bugs. These chanages scrape the surface of what remains (listed below).

  • I wrote up a blog post on profiling wsgi apps which I'd been doing to confirm that the many refactorings that have happened recently weren't having a negative impact (they are not).

  • We decided to wait for Train for the negative-member-of functionality and the allocation ratio change in osc-placement.

  • Kolla has merged several changes for extracted placement. Thanks!


Skipping this section until after the release candidate(s) are done.


We've got a StoryBoard project group now. I've started using it. Tagging bugs with bug and also making use of a cleanup tag to indicate things that needs to be cleaned up. There are worklists for both of these:

Please be prepared for these structures to evolve as we gain some understanding of how StoryBoard works.

There are still bugs in launchpad and we need to continue to watch there:

Many of these are about nova's use of placement. At some point after RC we should do a bug review, and port placement-only things to StoryBoard.


osc-placement is currently behind by 13 microversions.

Pending changes:

Prepping the RC

Things that need to happen so we can cut a placement release candidate:

  • Anything currently open that we want in. There are only 6 pending patches that might be options (everything else is either waiting for Train or already +W), so a quick look at them is worth the effort.

  • We've started a cycle-highlights etherpad, as announced by this email. We've probably got enough, but feel free to add to it if you think of something.

  • There's a story for preparing placement docs for stein. The story includes several tasks, many of which are already merged. Have a look and assign yourself a task if you can commit to having it done by early next week. There are some biggies:

    • Creating the canonical how to upgrade from placement-in-nova to placement-in-placement document. As stated very well by Tetsuoro, this is effectively translating the grenade upgrade script to English.

    • Ensuring the install docs are sane and complete. I have asked packaging-related people for their input, as they're the ones who know how their packages are (or will be) set up, but there's also an "install from-pypi" hole that needs to be filled.

  • The releasenotes need to be evaluated for correctness and effective annotation of upgrade concerns. They will also need a prelude, probably pointing to the "upgrading from nova" doc mentioned above. For a sample, see nova's rocky prelude.

Main Themes

We'll come back to themes once the RC is cut.

Other Placement

Other Service Users

We'll also hold off here until the RC is cut. In the future if you stick "placement" somewhere in your commit message I'll probably eventually find your in-progress placement-related changes.


Once the release is released, it will be time to start thinking about what we want Train to look like. There are pending Stein feature specs that we will want to do (and will need to be put in our specs directory, once it exists), but other than the various ideas about ways to do multi-nova/cloud partitioning of resource providers and multi-service partitioning of allocations (both of which need much more well-defined uses cases before we start thinking about the solutions) I've not heard a lot of clamouring from services and operators for features in Placement. If you have heard, or are clamouring, please make yourself known. I'd personally like us to focus on enabling existing services that use or want to use placement (nova, neutron, blazar, cyborg) and its existing features rather than new features. No need to have any immediate thoughts or decisions on this, but some background thinking is warranted.

Also, OMG, we need a logo. How about an Australian Magpie? They make a cool noise.

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