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TC Report 17

This is published both as email and a blog post.


As promised, here's my first attempt at providing a weekly overview of what's happening with the TC. The structure here is subject to change as I figure out what makes sense. Suggestions welcome.

This one is short because it is based on today. Next week's will be based on the entire week.


Settling in the new folk

Welcoming the new people and covering house rules1. The fun part of this was by the 5th minute of the meeting we had already identified a lack of shared understanding on when to use a code-review vote and when to use a rollcall vote. There were a few different opinions. Before I get accused of casting shade before I've even started I think a) different opinions are great, b) highlighting those differences (so we can resolve them) even more so.

One opinion that seemed to make sense was that code-review was for expressing a comment on the correctness of the content (as in, a -1 is for many spelling mistakes, or poorly formatted yaml) and rollcall is the actual vote being made on the proposed change (yes, this is something I agree with; no, I disagree).

User Survey findings

Summary info about the findings of the user survey2. Good question from the sidelines about the same big issues coming up in the findings of every survey. This then led to questions about what impact can the TC have in driving corporate contributors to focus on those issues (such as long term support and upgrade difficulty). There's a ever present need to make sure that stuff is effectively highlighted.

Which then moved to the complicated problem of OpenStack moving both too fast and too slow at the same time, depending on who was looking. And the difficulty with lack of centralized control over the technical direction of OpenStack and (probably most importantly) the application of resources. It turned into a bit of black hole so the decision was to move the discussion to the mailing list, which I hope actually happens.

heidijoy is going to provide some further analysis of "net promoter scores" to see what correlations exists. I was curious whether openstack devs like openstack more or less than other respondents.

Maybe dropping the meeting

Flavio has introduced a proposal to drop the regularly scheduled TC meeting3 in favor of more mailing list discussion and more ad-hoc meetings. This is something that could greatly change how the community interacts with the TC, so if you have a preference you can state it on the review.

Other Stuff in Progress

Draft vision for the TC

It's 2019 and the TC is looking back on itself4. This is an exercise to think about where the TC wants to be in the future, and from there derive some goals to get there. From some of the feedback it is pretty clear that not everyone understands the nature of the exercise. This isn't a plan of action, more of a limbering exercise to figure out a plan of action.

As you've probably seen there's been a big push to get feedback on this. It's worth providing.

Lingering Proposals

The following proposals are languishing, awaiting either feedback or further effort from the author. If these matter to you, you can add your voice.


This is intentionally a biased and incomplete view of events. I can't hope to report things objectively or completely so it is better to be open about it and hope that if there is disagreement with my interpretation of events or what I felt was worth mentioning people will respond saying so. Responses, engagement, feedback are the entire point for doing these. If, over time, my interpretation proves to be too out of bounds maybe someone else will start their own newsletter. And then after a while every member of the TC will be writing their own report.

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