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TC Report 18-02

Welcome to the first normal TC Report of 2018. Last week I did a review of much of 2017 but there was little to report from the first two days of the year, so there is no TC Report 18-01.

Since then there's been a bit of TC business, mostly with people working to get themselves resituated and organized for the upcoming year.


On Thursday there was some effort to recall the salient points from the giant longer development cycle thread. The consensus is that there are some issues to discuss and resolve, but lengthening the cycle does not address them. One standout issue from the thread was managing upgrades. There was an effort to discuss why they are hard, that, in typical fashion, branched broadly to "what are the reasons they matter". There's plenty of awareness that one size is not going to fit all, but not plenty of awareness of what all the sizes are. In part this is because we were unable to stick to any single line of analysis before branching. We need more input and volunteers to help with the work that results from any conclusions.

A few different people have made plans to provide summaries of the development cycle thread or to extract a list of issues so they are not forgotten. Thierry did a TL;DR back in December and has written a temporary conclusion today.

Projects Publishing to PyPI

On Monday the topic of publishing the service projects to PyPI was brought back up. Previous discussion had happened in email. There's general agreement that this would be a good thing assuming two issues can be managed:

  • There's a naming conflict with an existing project on PyPI called keystone. It appears to be stalled but there's no easy process for removing a project. One option is to make the service distributions have names such as openstack-keystone, but they may have cascading effects downstream.

  • We assume (hope?) that there will be very few people doing pip install nova (or any other service) that expect a working system.

The release team is working on it.

Rocky Goals

The main topic from this morning's office hour was establishing some OpenStack-wide goals for the next cycle, Rocky. Today there is only one proposed goal, Migrating to Storyboard, but it has a few issues which leave it without the vast swell of support a good goal ought to have. The community goals etherpad has some suggestions, and based on the discussion in IRC a couple more were added. If you have ideas please propose them in gerrit, post some email, or bring them to #openstack-tc for discussion.

Board Individual Directors Election

This week hosts the election for the OpenStack Foundation Board Individual Directors. Monty has a good tweet storm on why voting (if you can) for these people matters. If you are eligible ("joined the OpenStack Foundation as an Individual Member by July 17, 2017") you should have received a ballot on Monday, the 8th of January.

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