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TC Report 18-05

Your author has been rather ill, so this week's TC Report will be a bit abridged and mostly links. I'll try to return with more robust commentary next week.

RDO Test Days

dmsimard showed up in #openstack-tc channel to provide some details on forthcoming RDO Test Days.

More on the Goals

Conversations continue about choosing OpenStack goals. One issue raised is whether we have sufficient insight into how people are really using and deploying OpenStack to be able to prioritize goals.

Project Inception

smcginnis pointed out a governance discussion in the CNCF about project inception that he thought might be of interest to the TC. Discussion ensued around how the OpenStack ecosystem differs from the CNCF and as a result the need, or lack thereof, for help to bootstrap projects is different.

PTG Scheduling

The PTG is coming and with it discussion of how best to make room for all the conversations that need to happen, including things that come up at the last minute. New this time will be a more formal structuring of post-lunch presentations to do theme-setting and information sharing.

Board Meeting at the PTG

Monday there was discussion about the OpenStack Foundation Board Meeting overlapping with the first day of the PTG. This follows discussion in email.

Today's Board Meeting

I attended today's Board Meeting but it seems that according to the transparency policy I can't comment:

No commenting on Board meeting contents and decisions until Executive Director publishes a meeting summary

That doesn't sound like transparency to me, but I assume there must be reasons.

Update: The reasons are that it doesn't apply to non board members. The restriction is so that any commentary by board members that might be incorrect is not misconstrued as official utterances. So next time I'm able to attend a board meeting (I likely won't be at the next one due to the unfortunate overlap with the PTG activity) I ought to be able to summarize it here.

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