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TC Report 18-06

Nothing revolutionary in the past week of Technical Committee discussion. At least not that I witnessed. If there's a revolutionary cabal somewhere, pretty please I'd like to be a part of it.

Main activity is (again) related to openstack-wide goals and preparing for the PTG in Dublin.

PTG Planning

The schedule has mostly solidified. There are some etherpads related to post lunch discussions, including a specific one for Monday. See the irc logs for more context.

I've seen a fair number of people saying things like "since the PTG is coming up soon, let's talk about this there." Given how rare the face to face meetups are, I would hope that we could orient the time for talking about those things which are only (or best) talked about in person and keep the regular stuff in email. Long term planning, complex knowledge sharing, and conflict resolution are good candidates; choosing the color of the shed, not so much.

The PTG is expected to sell out; nine tickets left this morning.

Feedback Loops

Monday had a broad ranging discussion about gaps in the feedback loop, notably feedback from users who have as their primary point of contact their vendor. There was some sentiment of "we do a lot to try to make this happen, at a certain point we need to move forward with what we've got and trust ourselves".

As all conversations eventually do, this led to talk of LTS and whether renaming branches might be helpful. The eventually decision was more trouble than it was worth.

If you have some feedback you'd like to make, or something you think needs to be discussed at the PTG, please show up to office hours, send some email, or write something on one of the many PTG etherpads that are brewing. Thank you.

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