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TC Report 18-07

A few things to report from the past week of TC interaction. Not much in the way of opportunities to opine or editorialize.


Still more on the topic of OpenStack wide goals. There was some robust discussion about the mox goal (eventually leading to accepting the goal, despite some reservations). That discussion somehow meandered into where gerrit is on the "least bad" to "most good" scale.

PostgreSQL and Triggers

Later in the same day there was some discussion about the state of PostgreSQL support and the merit of using triggers to manage migrations. There were some pretty strong (and supported) assertions that triggers are not a good choice.

PowerStackers and Driver Projects

Discussion about having a PowerStackers project evolved into a review of the current thinking on dealing with projects that require access to special drivers or hardware. This is a common discussion in OpenStack because so much of the point of OpenStack is to provide an abstraction over stuff.

Prepping the PTG

There's a growing etherpad of topics to be discussed with the TC Friday morning at the PTG. You should feel free to add topics and show up and keep the TC in check. The room the meeting will be in is glorious in its criminal-mastermind-wonderfulness.

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