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TC Report 18-08

Most TC activity has either been in preparation for the PTG or stalling to avoid starting something that won't be finished before the PTG. But a few discussions to point at.

When's the Next PTG?

Last Tuesday evening had a brief discussion asking when (and where) the next PTG will be, after Dublin. The answer? We don't know yet. It will likely come up in Dublin.

Base Services and Eventlet

A question about base services led to discussion about ways to technically and socially avoid the use of eventlet. Notable was the observation that we continue to have new projects that adopt patterns established in Nova that while perfectly workable are no longer considered ideal. There's some work to do to make sure we provide a bit more guidance.

Naming for S Release

Rocky is starting, so it is time to be thinking about naming for S. Berlin is the geographic location that will be the source for names beginning with "S".

Python 3.6

Most of Friday was devoted to Python 3.6. Many distros are headed that way and OpenStack CI is currently 2.7 and 3.5.

TC Topics at the PTG

A reminder that there is an etherpad for TC topics at the PTG.

Because of the PTG there won't be a TC Report next week, but I will endeavor to write up standalone reports of the discussions started by that etherpad. Those discussion will hopefully grant a bit more vigor, drive, and context to the TC Report, which has wandered a bit of late.

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