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TC Report 18-13

It's a theme of no surprise, but this report, dedicated to ensuring people are just a bit more informed, has a fair bit to report on how staying informed can be difficult.

Global Communication

Last Wednesday, there was a wide ranging conversation about some of the difficulties that people living and working in the APAC area, especially China, experience when trying to interact with all of the OpenStack community. It's not solely a problem of time zone or language, there are also institutional limits on access to tools and networks, and different preferences.

One important question that was raised is that if an organization that is a member of the OpenStack Foundation (and thus obliged, at least in spirit, to contribute upstream) is knowingly limiting their employees access to IRC, email, and other tools of the OpenStack trade, are they violating the spirit of their agreement to be open?

Notably absent from this discussion were representatives of the impacted individuals or companies. So there was a lot of speculation going on.

This topic was picked back up later in the same day, eventually leading to the idea of extending the contributors guide, which is mostly for humans, to include a Contributing Organization Guide. Good idea!

Stackalytics Tired

Also on Wednesday there was discussion of how Stackalytics may be having some accuracy problems and whatever shall we do about that? Options include: kill it, fix it, replace it with something else, or switch over to a narrative report per cycle.

I'd be inclined to kill it first and see what organically emerges from the void. However we can't really do that because it's not run by OpenStack.


Last Thursday the application of Adjutant to be an official OpenStack project was discussed. There's still a bit of confusion about what it actually does, but to at least some people it sounds pretty cool.

Debate will continue on the review and if necessary, time will be set aside at the Forum to discuss the project in more detail.


This morning's topic was the forthcoming election for half the TC. There are at least two incumbents who will not be running for re-election. The office hours discussion had some interesting things to say about what governance is and to whom it is relevant.

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