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TC Report 18-14

If the logs of #openstack-tc are any indicator of reality (they are not), then the only things that happened in the past week are that the next OpenStack release got a name, and the TC talked about how to evaluate projects applying to be official.


Yes, the people have spoken and their voices were almost heard. The first choice for the name of the "S" release of OpenStack, "Solar", foundered at the desk of legal and "Stein" won the day and there was much emojifying: 🍺.

From "Rocky" comes...another rock. Not ein Maß. Presumably such details will not limit the rejoicing.

Associated chatter.

Official Projects

The application of Adjutant continues to drive some discussion, both on the review and in IRC. On Wednesday I dropped a wall of text on the review, expressing my doubt and confusion over what rules we are supposed to be using when evaluating applicants.

Then at Thursday's office hour the discussion picked up with a larger group. There were at least three different threads of conversation happening at once:

  • comments related to the general topics I raised
  • evaluating Adjutant itself in terms of its impact on OpenStack
  • trying to get (and encourage the getting of) input from real operators about their thoughts on the usefulness of Adjutant (or something like it)

The last was an effort to stop speculating, which is something we do too much.

The second was an effort to not be moving the goalposts in the middle of an application, despite the confusion.

The first had a lot of ideas, but none were resolved (and there's a pattern there) so there's a plan to have a session about it at the Forum. If you look at the planning etherpad you'll see that there are two different topics related to project applications: one is for Adjutant specifically, in case things aren't resolved by then (we hope they will be); the other is a general session on really trying to dig deep into the questions and figure out what we're trying to do and be when we say "official". These are separate sessions very much on purpose.

The questions reach into the core of what OpenStack is, so it ought to be an interesting session.

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