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TC Report 18-15

It feels like people are busy. Traffic in the #openstack-tc channel has been light for the past week.

Forum Topics

By this coming Thursday we hope to have determined which of several topics should be proposed for the forum.

Kolla Situation

In email and in IRC discussion Wednesday and Thursday the many faces of Kolla have been debated. This started as a discussion of whether kolla-kubernetes should be retired but has branched widely since then, including plenty of discussion on whether Kolla is doing containers "the right way" (whatever that might be), and whether the start scripts in Kolla images should be moved.

One of the side topics within this discussion is the nature of the multiple hats worn by members of the community when engaging in discussion. Does membership on the TC mean that everything you say is with the voice of the TC? I certainly hope not, however there is probably more that can be done to be clear which hat is being worn in any given situation.

(So it's clear, these reports are written wearing my Chris hat and are not the voice of the TC.)

Consumption Models

There was some discussion on Thursday about more effectively tracking the consumption (of OpenStack) models that are present in the community. ttx suggested some additional survey questions. Better data ought to help us decide if energy is being spent in the right ways.


The nomination period for TC elections starts tonight at 1 minute to midnight, UTC. There are seven positions open for this election. The potential forum topics give a pretty good overview of some of the things that are on the TC's radar for the coming months.

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