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TC Report 18-17

The main TC-related activity over the past week has been the elections currently in progress. A quiet campaigning period burst into late activity with a series of four questions posted in email by Doug Hellman:

I feel we should be working with these sorts of questions and conversations more frequently. There are many good ideas and observations in the threads.

Voting continues until the end of the day on April 30th. If you're eligible to vote, please do. You should receive an email with the subject "Poll: Rocky TC Election" that includes a link to vote. If you feel you are eligible but did not receive a link contact the election officials.

Acknowledgement that OpenStack needs to make some changes, and willingness to consider new options is evident in the above emails. These are interesting times and your vote will help drive change.

Through the week there have been many different bits of conversation related to the election. Scan the logs to get all the details.

There have been a few other topics throughout the week.

Python 3

There's been some discussion on how to proceed with the migration to Python 3, including a review to allow projects to choose to only support Python 3. There are some differences of opinion on this, some of which are driven by positions on the extent to which the upstream OpenStack community should adapt its schedule to the velocity of downstreams (in this case, RHEL).

Kolla K8s

The fate of the kolla-kubernetes repo remained a big topic of conversation. More people are getting involved, leading to some more informed decisions. See discussion on Wednesday (including quite a bit about the use of containers in OpenStack, for OpenStack) and Thursday


If I get elected to another term on the TC I plan to continue writing these weekly reports, and even if not I'll endeavor to keep track of things and report on the highlights, but perhaps less regularly. However, for the next two weeks there will be no reporting: my brother is visiting and I'm going to take some time off with him to walk around and think about something besides OpenStack. I'll pick things back up in mid-May.

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