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TC Report 18-27

This week's TC Report will be relatively short. I wrote a lot of OpenStack related words yesterday in Some Opinions On Openstack.

That post was related to one of the main themes that has shown up in IRC and email discussions recently: creating a technical vision for the near future of OpenStack. One idea has been to separate plumbing from porcelain. There's also a long email thread considering many ideas. One idea from that which I particularly like is unifying all the various agents that live on a compute node into one agent, one that likely talks to etcd. nodelet like a kubelet. None of this is something that will happen overnight. I hope at least some if it does, eventually.

Some change that's actually in progress now: For a long time OpenStack has tracked the organizational diversity of contributors to the various sub-projects. There's been a fair bit of talk that the tracking doesn't map to reality in a useful way and we need to figure out what to do about it. That has resulted in a plan to remove team diversity tags and instead use a more holistic approach to being aware of and dealing with what's now being called "fragility" in teams. One aspect of this is the human-managed health tracker.

Julia went to China for an OpenStack event and her eyes were opened about the different context contributors there experience. She wrote a superuser post and there's been subsequent related IRC discussion about the challenges that people in China experience trying to participate in OpenStack. More generally there is a need to figure out some ways to build a shared context that involves people who are not a part of our usual circles.

As usual, one of the main outcomes of that was that we need to make the time to share and talk more and in a more accessible fashion. We see bursts of that (we're seeing one now) but how do we sustain it and how do we extract some agreement that can lead to concerted action?

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