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TC Report 18-29

Again a relatively slow week for TC discussion. Several members were travelling for one reason or another.

A theme from the past week is a recurring one: How can OpenStack, the community, highlight gaps where additional contribution may be needed, and what can the TC, specifically, do to help?

Julia relayed that question on Wednesday and it meandered a bit from there. Are the mechanics of open source a bit strange in OpenStack because of continuing boundaries between the people who sell it, package it, build it, deploy it, operate it, and use it? If so, how do we accelerate blurring those boundaries? The combined PTG will help, some.

At Thursday's office hours Alan Clark listened in. He's a welcome presence from the Foundation Board. At the last summit in Vancouver members of the TC and the Board made a commitment to improve communication. Meanwhile, back on Wednesday I expressed a weird sense of jealousy of all the nice visible things one sees the foundation doing for the newer strategic areas in the foundation. The issue here is not that the foundation doesn't do stuff for OpenStack-classic, but that the new stuff is visible and over there.

That office hour included more talk about project-need visibility.

Lately, I've been feeling that it is more important to make the gaps in contribution visible than it is to fill them. If we continue to perform above and beyond, there is no incentive for our corporate value extractors to supplement their investment. That way lies burnout. The health tracker is part of making things more visible. So are OpenStack wide goals. But there is more we can do as a community and as individuals. Don't be a hero: If you're overwhelmed or overworked tell your peers and your management.

In other news: Zane summarized some of his thoughts about Limitations of the Layered Model of OpenStack. This is a continuation of the technical vision discussions that have been happening on an etherpad and email thread.

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