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TC Report 18-30

Yet another slow week at TC office hours. This is part of the normal ebb and flow of work, especially with feature freeze looming, but for some reason it bothers me. It reinforces my fears that the TC is either not particularly relevant or looking at the wrong things.

Help make sure we are looking at the right things by:

  • coming to office hours and telling us what matters
  • responding to these reports and the ones that Doug produces
  • adding something to the PTG planning etherpad.

Last Thursday there was some discussion about forthcoming elections. First up are PTL elections for Stein. Note that it is quite likely that if (as far as I can tell there's not much if about it, it is going to happen, sadly there's not very much transparency on these decisions and discussions, I wish there were) the Denver PTG is the last standalone PTG, then the Stein cycle may be longer than normal to sync up with summit schedules.

On Friday there was a bit of discussion on progress towards upgrading to Mailman 3 and using that as an opportunity to shrink the number of mailing lists. By having fewer, the hope is that some of the boundaries between groups within the community will be more permeable and will help email be the reliable information sharing mechanism.

This morning there was yet more discussion about differences of opinion and approach when it comes to accepting projects to be official OpenStack projects. This is something that will be discussed at the PTG. It would be helpful if people who care about this could make their positions known.

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