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TC Report 18-31

Welcome to this week's TC Report. Again a slow week. A small number of highlights to report.

Last Thursday there was some discussion of the health of the Trove project and how one of the issues that may have limited their success were struggles to achieve a sane security model. That and other struggles led to lots of downstream forking and variance which complicates presenting a useful tool.

On Monday there was talk about the nature of the PTL role and whether it needs to change somewhat to help break down the silos between projects and curtail burnout. This was initially prompted by some concern that PTL nominations were lagging. As usual, there were many last minute nominations.

The volume of work that continues to consolidate on individuals is concerning. We must figure out how to let some things drop. This is an area where the TC must demonstrate some leadership, but it's very unclear at this point how to change things.

Based on this message from Thierry on a slightly longer Stein cycle, the idea that the first PTG in 2019 is going to be co-located with the Summit is, if not definite, near as. There's more on that in the second paragraph of the Vancouver Summit Joint Leadership Meeting Update.

If you have issues that you would like the TC to discuss—or to discuss with the TC—at the PTG coming in September, please add to the planning etherpad.

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