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TC Report 18-32

The TC discussions of interest in the past week have been related to the recent PTL elections and planning for the forthcoming PTG.

PTL Election Gaps

A few official projects had no nominee for the PTL position. An etherpad was created to track this, and most of the situations have been resolved. Pointers to some of the discussion:

Where we (the TC) seem to have some minor disagreement is the extent to which we should be extending a lifeline to official projects which are (for whatever reason) struggling to keep up with responsibilities or we should be using the power to remove official status as a way to highlight need.

PTG Planning

The PTG is a month away, so the TC is doing a bit of planning to prepare. There will be two different days during which the TC will meet: Sunday afternoon before the PTG, and all day Friday. Most planning is happening on this etherpad. There is also of specific etherpad about the relationship between the TC and the Foundation and Foundation corporate members. And one for post-lunch topics.

IRC links:

If there's any disagreement in this planning process, it is over whether we should focus our time on topics we have some chance of resolving or at least making some concrete progress, or we should spend the time having open-ended discussions.

Ideally there would be time for both, as the latter is required to develop the shared language that is needed to take real action. But as is rampant in the community we are constrained by time and other responsibilities.

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