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TC Report 18-36

It's been a rather busy day, so this TC Report will be a quick update of some discussions that have happened in the past week.

PEP 8002

With Guido van Rossum stepping back from his role as the BDFL of Python, there's work in progress to review different methods of governance used in other communities to come up with some ideas for the future of Python. Those reviews are being gathered in PEP 8002. Doug Hellman has been helping with those conversations and asked for input on a draft.

There was some good conversation, especially the bits about the differences between "direct democracy" and whatever what we do here in OpenStack.

The result of the draft was quickly merged into PEP 8002.

Summit Sessions

There was discussion about concerns some people experience with some summit sessions feeling like advertising.

PTG Coming Soon

The PTG is next week! TC sessions are described on this etherpad.

Elections Reminder

TC election season is right now. Nomination period ends at the end of the day (UTC) 6th of September so there isn't much time left. If you're toying with the idea, nominate yourself, the community wants your input. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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