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TC Report 22

There's no TC meeting this week. Thierry did a second weekly status report1. There will be a TC meeting next week (Tuesday, 6th June at 20:00 UTC) with the intention of discussing the proposals about postgreSQL (of which more below). Here are my comments on pending TC activity that either seems relevant or needs additional input.

Pending Stuff

Queens Community Goals

Proposals for community-wide goals2 for the Queens cycle have started coming in. These are changes which, if approved, all projects are expected to satisfy. In Pike the goals are:

The full suite of goals for Queens has not yet been decided. Identifying goals is a community-wide process. Your ideas are wanted.

Split Tempest Plugins into Separate Repos

This goal for Queens is already approved. Any project which manages its tempest tests as a plugin should move those tests into a separate repo. The goal is at3. The review for it4 has further discussion on why it is a good idea.

The original goal did not provide instructions on how to do it. There is a proposal in progress5 to add a link to an etherpad6 with instructions.

Note that this goal only applies to tempest plugins. Projects which have their tests in the core of tempest have nothing to do. I wonder if it wouldn't be more fair for all projects to use plugins for their tempest tests?

Two Proposals on Improving Version Discovery

Monty has been writing API-WG guidelines about how to properly use the service catalog and do version discovery7. Building from that he's proposed two new goals:

The first is a small step in the direction of improving version discovery, the second is all the steps to getting all projects supporting proper version discovery, in case we are feeling extra capable.

Both of these need review from project contributors, first to see if there is agreement on the strategies, second to see if they are achievable.

etcd as a base service

etcd has been proposed as a base service8. A "base" service is one that that can be expected to be present in any OpenStack deployment. The hope is that by declaring this we can finally bootstrap the distributed locking, group membership and service liveness functionality that we've been talking about for years. If you want this please say so on the review. You want this.

If for some reason you don't want this, then you'll want to register your reasons as soon as possible. The review will merge soon.

openstack-tc IRC channel

With the decrease in the number of TC meetings on IRC there's a plan to have office hours where some significant chunk of the TC will be available. Initially this was going to be in the #openstack-dev channel but in the hopes of making the logs readable after the fact, a new channel is proposed.

This is likely to pass soon, unless objections are raised. If you have some, please raise them on the review.


The discussions around postgreSQL have yet to resolve. See last week's report for additional information. Because things are blocked and there have been some expressions of review fatigue there will be, as mentioned above, a TC meeting next week on 6th June, 20:00 UTC. Show up if you have an opinion if or how postgreSQL should or should not have a continuing presence in OpenStack. Some links:

Draft Vision for the TC

johnthetubaguy, dtroyer and I (cdent) continue to work on digesting the feedback9 to the TC Vision document10. We've made a bit of progress but there's more work to do. If you have new feedback, please add it to the review.

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