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TC Report 24

No meeting this week, but some motion on a variety of proposals and other changes. As usual, this document doesn't report on everything going on with the Technical Committee. Instead it tries to focus on those thing which I subjectively believe may have impact on community members.

I will be taking some time off between now and the first week of July so there won't be another of these until July 11th unless someone else chooses to do one.

New Things

No recently merged changes in policy, plans, or behavior. The office hours announced in last weeks's report are happening and the associated IRC channel, #openstack-tc is gaining members and increased chatter.

Pending Stuff

Queens Community Goals

Progress continues on the discussion surrounding community goals for the Queens cycle. There are enough well defined goals that we'll have to pick from amongst the several that are available to narrow it down. I would guess that at some point in the not too distant future there will be some kind of aggregated presentation to help us all decide. I would guess that since I just said that, it will likely be me.

Managing Binary Artifacts

With the addition of a requirement to include architecture in the metadata associated with the artifact the Guidelines for managing releases of binary artifacts appears to be close to making everyone happy. This change will be especially useful for those projects that want to produce containers.


There was some difference of opinion on the next steps on documenting the state of PostgreSQL, but just in the last couple of hours today we seem to have reached some agreement to do only those things on which everyone agrees. Last week's report has a summary of the discussion that was held in a meeting that week. Dirk Mueller has taken on the probably not entirely pleasant task of consolidating the feedback. His latest work can be found at Declare plainly the current state of PostgreSQL in OpenStack. The briefest of summaries of the difference of opinion is that for a while the title of that review had "MySQL" where "PostgreSQL" is currently.

Integrating Feedback on the 2019 TC Vision

The agreed next step on the Draft technical committee vision for public feedback has been to create a version which integrates the most unambiguous feedback and edits the content to have more consistent tense, structure and style. That's now in progress at Begin integrating vision feedback and editing for style. The new version includes a few TODO markers for adding things like a preamble that explains what's going on. As the document evolves we'll be simultaneously discussing the ambiguous feedback and determining what we can use and how that should change the document.

Top 5 Help Wanted List

The vision document mentions a top ten hit list that will be used in 2019 to help orient contributors to stuff that matters. Here in 2017 the plan is to start smaller with a top 5 list of areas where new individuals and organizations can make contributions that will have immediate impact. The hope is that by having a concrete and highly visible list of stuff that matters people will be encouraged to participate in the most productive ways available. Introduce Top 5 help wanted list provides the framework for the concept. Once that framework merges anyone is empowered to propose an item for the list. That's the best part.

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