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TC Report 28

It's been a while since I've done one of these. I was between employers and taking a break but am now back in the groove. There's been some activity in the interim, which I'll try to summarize below, but first notes from this evening's meeting.

I'm not fully up to speed yet, so this may be a bit sparse. It will pick up.


A meeting was declared to "discuss the next steps in establishing the vision" and "wrap up the goals". Meeting notes and log.


The first topic was moving forward on the two community goals for the Queens cycle. There was no disagreement, especially as "champions" have stepped forward to shepherd all of the projects on the goals. The chosen goals are:

Vision Next Step

Again, mostly violent agreement on what to do: Accept the revised vision and see how it goes. To ensure that the document is effectively responsive to any necessary adjustments over time, it is being moved from reference to resolution. There's a stack of four changes starting with the original draft.

The vision itself has been slightly adjusted to be a bit more amenable to skimming and make the overarching goals a bit more obvious.

Other Meeting Stuff

How's Office Hours Going?

Mixed. But worth continuing the experiment. The hope is that office hours provide a reliable but casual way to interact with members of the TC. Thus far they have mostly been the TC talking amongst themselves, but several attendees at tonight's meeting reported that though they don't speak much in office hours, they do read. I'd personally like to see a lot more participation from anyone and everyone.

Some people would like to change the schedule a bit, as one of the three slots is a lot more popular than others and the least popular is very unpopular. The reaction? "patches accepted".

That 01:00 UTC Wednesday slot is designed to allow some interaction with people in the APAC region, with a long term goal of establishing future leaders in OpenStack from that region.

What's clear is that when there are some people there, a conversation happens containing relevant discussion. There's always something to talk about. For example though there were two agenda items in this meeting, new topics kept coming up.

The Diversity Report

Bitergia produced a report on gender diversity in OpenStack, though their data has some issues the general conclusion (we could do a lot better) stands.

Glare and Glance Compatibility

In office hours earlier today there was some discussion about Glare's application to be an official project. This came up again in tonight's meeting and there is also a long thread on openstack-dev. There are concerns about overlap with Glance. If the overlap is such that an exactly concurrent API could be provided, this is potentially a very good thing. However, if the overlap is almost-but-not-quite then that could present problems. The mailing list thread has more information.

Pending Stuff

"big tent" and "hosted projects"

Two long email threads

covered a lot of ground trying to work on the topic "better communicating what is OpenStack". The "big tent" term is misunderstood and misused and the difference between an "official" (subject to TC governance) project and one that just happens to use OpenStack infra is also misunderstood, but sometimes manipulated for gain.

While it was decided to straighforwardly purge "big tent" in the governance repository the discussion about hosted projects went very broad (the OpenStack adaptation of Godwin's law is that any discussion will eventually generalize to "What is OpenStack?") with some consideration of no longer allowing use of some combination of

  • the openstack prefix in git repositories
  • openstack infrastructure in general

to just anyone who comes along. It's not clear how this was resolved, if at all. There was an impassioned plea to fix the real problem(s) instead of limiting open access for people who want to create more openness.

Does anyone recall where this topic landed, or if it hasn't yet landed, does anyone have good ideas on how to get it to land?

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