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TC Report 29

This TC Report is a bit late. Yesterday I was attacked by an oyster.

This week had no meeting, so what follows is a summary of various other TC related (sometimes only vaguely related) activity.


The TC Vision has been merged, presented in a way that makes sure that it's easy and desirable to create a new vision at a later date to respond to changing circumstances. There were concerns during the review process that the document as is does not take into account recent changes in the corporate and contributor community surrounding OpenStack. The consensus conclusion, however, was that the goals stated in the vision remain relevant and productive work has already begun.

Hosted Projects

The conversation about hosted projects continues, mostly in regard to that question with great stamina: Is OpenStack Infrastructure as a Service or something more encompassing of all of cloud? In either case what does it take for something to be a complete IAAS or what is "cloud"? There was a useful posting from Zane pointing out that the varied assumptions people bring to the discussion are a) varied, b) assumptions.

It feels likely that these discussion will become more fraught during times of pressure but have no easy answers. As long as the discussion don't devolve into name calling, I think each repeat round is useful as it brings new insights to the old hands and keeps the new hands informed of stuff that matters. Curtailing the discussion simply because we have been over it before is disrespectful to the people who continue to care and to the people for whom it is new.

I still think we haven't fully expressed the answers to the questions about the value and cost that any project being officially in OpenStack has for that project or for OpenStack. I'm not asserting anything about the values or the costs; knowing the answers is simply necessary to have a valid conversation.


The conversation about Glare becoming official continued, but more slowly than before. The plan at this stage is to discuss the issues in person at the PTG where the Glare project will have some space. ttx made a brief summary; there's no objection to Glare becoming official unless there is some reason to believe it will result in issues for Glance (which is by no means pre-determined).


The new openstack-sigs mailing list was opened with a deliberately provocative thread on How SIG Work Gets Done. This resulted in comments on how OpenStack work gets done, how open source work gets done, and even whether open source behaviors fully apply in the OpenStack context.

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