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TC Report 30

Welcome to this week's TC Report. I think this report will be somewhat short. There's no meeting scheduled for today, a fair few TC members are in China for an event while others are embroiled in getting things done before milestone 3.

The main burst of TC-related activity was a "non-boring" office hour last Thursday. A conversation that began as a sharing of opinions on the new SIGs framework quickly expanded to cover many questions including how do we deal with the fact there is more work than there is people do it, how do we ensure people don't burn out and that participating in OpenStack is actually a positive experience, and how do we increase the depth and breadth of contribution (and is such contribution even a good thing) from corporations who make money because of OpenStack.

This all eventually led to the idea that it might be a good idea to do some interview-driven research of the difficulties faced by contributors (of all sorts, not only developers) who want to be and feel successful in the community but sometimes do not. This could provide some useful data to be used by the TC, the UC, the board, projects, and employers to make some adjustments.

For many people the difficulties or challenges are either so obvious or been around for so long that the idea of doing interviews probably feels wasteful (in the sense of "OMG, we already know, just do something!"). The problem is that without a corpus of analysed data there is no third party authoritative thing that can be pointed at in discussion and we'll simply become embroiled in the same old arguments.

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